Nice to meet: Aida Bogomolova (Russia)


Die einzigartige Künstlerin Aida Bogomolova gehört zu den Startänzerinnen aus Russland.

Aidas Stil ist pure Eleganz, Sinnlichkeit und geprägt von ihrer außergewöhnlichen Wahrnehmung der arabischen Musik. Vom 4. – 6. September habt ihr die Möglichkeit von ihr zu lernen und ihre Energie auf der Bühne zu spüren.

BauchTanzinfo: When we talk about your dance style we take about pure elegance, a good ear for music and grace. Do you think everybody can learn it?

Aida: Thank you Angelina.
 It will depends on each person. All of us are different, we have a different physical characteristics and different musical perception. If you dance in other style and manner may be for you it won’t be easy to try something new. I believe that it’s possible if you want to do it and you like it. I always advise my students to keep their individuality. It is not necessary to dance the same way as I do. You can share with teacher his system of knowledge, experience and methods, to find after your own way of expressing yourself through the dance.
I’m happy to know that many artists of Oriental dance with various levels can find out a lot of things from my classes. I hope it will be helpful and useful for them. 
Sometimes I can see my choreographies can be complicated for both beginners and the professional level. Do not be afraid of difficulties – they help you to grow. I’m glad to share my experience, my feelings and my view to the Oriental dance with all who love this art and have the desire to develop themselves.

BauchTanzinfo: Your style is unique. Please share how you did find it. Which dancers and teachers influenced you?

Aida:I started to dance when I was 6 years old. Since then I took up various styles. It gave me dance basics and the first performance experience. 

My passion for oriental dance has begun when I came across oriental music. It opened up a whole new world full of life, emotions and beauty. 
Until now I adore and get inspired by it as it was at the first time I heard this music.
I was born in Khabarovsk, a small Russian town and all I could find about oriental dance was some videos with Lebanese dancers first and only after a while I found what I really loved. There were videos of Egyptian famous dancers and legendary Egyptian Raks Sharqi dancers such as Samia Gamal, Tahia Carioca, Naima Akef, Soheir Zaki etc. The “Golden Era of Bellydance” still is a great inspiration for me.
Before attending my first classes, I studied and danced by myself using the few videos I had. For sure my childhood dancing background helped me a lot.

 After I moved to Moscow, I met my first teacher Mariana Seslavinskaya-Smirnova. She was the only teacher I took private lessons from. She helped me a lot at the beginning of my way. 
Also I had an opportunity to attend workshops of famous teachers from all over the world: Yousry Sharif, Aida Nour, Tito, Farida Fahmi, Mahmoud Reda, Nour (Tatiana Fediaeva), Leila Farid, Saida and many others. I am very grateful to those great teachers for their mastery of dance which they shared and lessons they gave. My style is a blend of my feelings, emotions, my life experiences, different techniques and methods and acquired knowledge.

Habt ihr noch mehr Fragen an Aida? Vom 4. – 6. September 2015 wird sie in Frankfurt zu Gast sein und euch alle persönlich beantworten!

Sichert euch hier die Karten für die Show im “Internationales Theater Frankfurt”, um sie live zu erleben:

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